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  • A New Home or Building is going to require a site. Do you have existing property or are you going to purchase a new site. Site selection should involve a real estate professional, but they don’t always tell you about

  • I am not an insurance expert and the following is based on my own understanding of what you should know and look for. You should consult with a licensed insurance professional if you have any questions. Your builder should at least

  • When are permits and inspections required, who gets or calls for them? What is the benefit of a third-party inspection?  Inspections help protect your property value and life safety.  The building industry is constantly changing there are new materials and systems

  • Getting Started - Finding the appropriate design, building or Design Build professional for your project is not a difficult task. The steps are similar to those you would take in locating any qualified professional. First, you will need to compile

  • How do you determine if you’re dealing with a professional? The term “Professionalism” is thrown around rather easily, but what does it really mean to be a professional? Think about your first visit to a doctor’s office. What do you look

  • Design Bid or Design Build? There is a difference! Which is best for you and your project? The traditional Design Bid process involves selecting someone to design and prepare plans, usually an architect or Building Designer. They need to “plug” into

  • If your project is an Addition a Remodel or a New Home, you really will need a plan. What I mean is you’re going to need plans, something that will show the contractors what you want, where you want it

  • Do you want to add on to or remodel an existing home or other building? Do you want to renovate? Or, is it just some maintenance or repairs that need attention? Maybe you’re looking to build a new home or

  • If you need more space it may be better to improve rather than to move.  Adding a second story onto your home can be more challenging than a typical addition. However, the rewards are great, as you can double the