Qualifications and Professionalism

How do you determine if you’re dealing with a professional? The term “Professionalism” is thrown around rather easily, but what does it really mean to be a professional?

Think about your first visit to a doctor’s office. What do you look for…pictures of past patients? …Or the size of the office staff? How well dressed are they … are they all wearing a company shirt?

No, none of those things really speaks to the doctor’s qualifications or professionalism or tells you enough about the person that you plan on trusting with your health and well-being.

Like most of you, what I look for when I first interview new doctors is the credentials that they have hanging on the wall. I am seeking assurances that they actually graduated from an accredited school of medicine. Next, I look for advanced degrees and training. Do they belong to any medical associations or organizations? Only after having become more comfortable with this person’s professional background, am I ready to sit down and talk business.

If you visited my office, one of the first things you would see is my state builder’s registration certificate. Then, you might notice my College and University degrees or my Certified Professional Building Designer certificate. Perhaps take in my designations as a Graduate Master Builder (GMB); Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR); Certified Aging-in Place Specialist (CAPS) or Certified Lead Renovator (CLR).

You might notice that I belong to several national, state and local organizations and have been recognized for serving on the boards and committees of several of them. You will also find that several of our projects have received awards.

Bruce A. Sommers, President