What is Design-Build?

In our comprehensive design-build model, a single point person assumes full responsibility for managing every aspect of a project from design to completion. Our experienced team works collaboratively from start to finish, with open communication along the way, to deliver results. Our clients benefit from a sound design, a clearly defined budget and a streamlined schedule that meets or exceeds all your expectations.

Why Is It Better?

We can assist the owner in controlling cost by providing alternative material selections or design cost options. This integrated approach, where all team members buy into the success of the project, provides for an efficient project delivery system by reducing time, risks and redundancies in fees, administrative costs and contingencies. In addition, project objectives are developed simultaneously with the design and financial comparisons necessary to support facility decisions.

The Process

  • When our clients choose us for their design-build needs, we become their trusted partner in helping them envision the space they’d like to see  — whether it’s an empty shell or complete renovation.
  • From there, we work within your budget to design and create a finished project that fits your needs and surpasses your expectations.
  • You will love walking into your space every day and seeing every little detail just where you imagined it would be.